Foam Scratch Proof Bowling Ball Cup



Once again has listened to bowlers and what they really want. The issue with conventional plastic ball cups is over time with use they can scratch your bowling ball. introduces the new Scratch Proof Foam ball cup. This light and durable foam ball cup will easily go with you to and from the bowling center. It can be used to prevent your spare bowling ball from rolling around the bowlers circle, to hold your ball while you clean or polish or while you are inserting/removing bowlers tape. **Note – The foam ball cup is manufactured by cutting compressed foam with a heated die punch. This causes the outer sides and inner wall to be rough to the touch.

Light, durable heavy duty compressed foam material
Will not scratch bowling balls (any coverstock type)
Easily stored in your bowling bag for convenience
Punched compressed foam may have textured inner and outer walls due to manufacturing process


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