Ebonite Destiny Pearl Black/Red/Blue



Ebonite Destiny Pearl – Ebonite has always provided the most value for your dollar on the market. The Destiny Pearl is no exception. The Destiny Pearl comes wrapped with Ebonite’s trustworthy GB 11.2 coverstock and will perform best on medium oil. Why wait? It’s time to choose your destiny! ColorBlack/Red/Blue ReactionSkid/Flip CoverstockGB 11.2 Pearl Factory Finish500/1000 Abralon Polished W/ Powerhouse Factory Finish Polish CoreCyclone Torque Mass BiasN/A (Symmetric) Weight 10-16lb WeightRGDiff 16lb2.52.047 15lb2.53.053 14lb2.54.053 13lb2.55.058 12lb2.60.053 11lb2.66.059 10lb2.73.020

Cover stock: GB 11. 2 solid
Reaction: smooth overall hook
Core: Cyclone torque


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