IMPRESA Bowling Ball Towel 2 Pack 10 x 8 Inch – Microfiber Bowling Shammy Pad with EZ Grip – Bowling Towel That Wipes Dirt & Oil Clean Off – Cleaning Pad – Bowling Accessories



Why clean your bowling balls?
Over time your ball will collect dirt and grease from your hands, as well as lane conditioner.
Gradually, this will begin to affect your
balls performance. Having a clean ball assists in a
strong backend motion and allows for greater friction on the alley so you can perform the
perfect hook shot. 
Our 2 pack bowling ball cleaning pads are designed as the most effective way to shammy your
bowling balls.

Unlike other bowling ball rags, our bowling cleaning pad’s microfibers penetrate deeply into
the balls surface removing grease from the hard to reach areas making it feel like a new ball
every time. This microfiber bowling shammy is suitable for all types of bowling balls as the
textile is tough enough to clear off ‘baked in’ grease whilst being gentle enough for cleaning
a variety of different materials. 
Our EZ grip firmly secures the ball so you can give your ball a confident polish without dropping
and potentially causing embarrassment, damage, or injury. Hundreds of gripping beads set into
the microfiber cloths surface create a powerful non-stick surface that won’t leave a residue which means
you get a firm grip on your bowling ball. 
We only use the highest quality microfiber cloth and machine washable fabrics so this bowling
ball shammy will last for many more games to come. 
Don’t throw your old bowling ball away. Restore your bowling balls surface to a clean and tacky
texture so you can make that spare once again!
PACK OF 2 BOWLING TOWELS: Microfiber with EZ grip pad make this the ultimate bowling ball shammy for cleaning and polishing your balls. Compatible with all types of bowling balls making it perfect for the beginner or the experienced professional.
THE BOWLING BALL SHAMMY PAD THAT WON’T WEAR OUT: Made from high quality microfiber towel, this bowling rag will keep your ball clean for years to come.
EZ GRIP BOWLING BALL TOWELS: Unlike other bowling cleaning towels, our EZ grip design means you’ll never drop your ball again and ensures the perfect finish every time. The color of the grip side will be blue or grey
SUPERIOR CLEANING PAD: Our Bowling Microfiber Cloths work more effectively and removes more lane conditioner, dirt, and oils than conventional leather shammys. This leaves your ball feeling clean and with a visible shine so you can bowl your best game.
SUPER EASY TO HAND WASH: Our bowling shammy towel is easy to machine wash so you won’t have to worry that you’re rubbing more grease into your ball.


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